The Team


Managing Director Caribbean

Jordy has been with the company from its birth and was one of the front-runners as it grew from infancy, to adolescence, and finally into maturity. He is always looking for the most creative and goal-oriented solutions for our clients. Furthermore, his “let’s go for it” attitude is a beloved characteristic among our clientele.


Creative Director, Cinematographer

Roderick joined the team at the end of 2014. Having previously worked in the field of music production, Roderick brings a wealth of knowledge, talent, and experience to all aspects of production, ensuring professional results of the highest quality for our clients.


Photographer, Cinematographer

As a little boy, Marald always had a great fascination with photography. At the age of 10, he tried to fix his dad’s old SLR, and his fascination became his passion. Marald keeps a sharp eye on the technical part to free more time and attention for the creative part of photography and videography. You can expect an “anything for the art” attitude with a large dose of humor. Having fun on the set? Or pure professionalism? Marald combines them both!

Our Clients