The Team


Managing Director Caribbean

Jordy has been with the company from its birth and was one of the front-runners as it grew from infancy, to adolescence, and finally into maturity. He is always looking for the most creative and goal-oriented solutions for our clients. Furthermore, his “let’s go for it” attitude is a beloved characteristic among our clientele.


Creative Director, Cinematographer

Roderick joined the team at the end of 2014. Having previously worked in the field of music production, Roderick brings a wealth of knowledge, talent, and experience to all aspects of production, ensuring professional results of the highest quality for our clients.


Photographer, Cinematographer

As a little boy, Marald always had a great fascination with photography. At the age of 10, he tried to fix his dad’s old SLR, and his fascination became his passion. Marald keeps a sharp eye on the technical part to free more time and attention for the creative part of photography and videography. You can expect an “anything for the art” attitude with a large dose of humor. Having fun on the set? Or pure professionalism? Marald combines them both!



Intern Creative Team

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States, Justin is a third-year film & video student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Drexel’s hands-on program has given him amazing opportunities to travel and try many different internship experiences. Before coming to Aruba, Justin spent three months living and working as an intern in Los Angeles, California, where he became adept at navigating LA traffic and discovered his favorite bookstore. Justin loves reading, getting angry about American politics, and listening to podcasts while drinking too much coffee. On the job, he brings a friendly attitude and an eagerness to learn. After completing his internship at Wings, Justin will return to Philadelphia for his senior year at Drexel.

Our Clients