Aerial Photography & Videography

Documenting the beauty and charm of Aruba with photography and video is one thing; but capturing our One Happy Island from above is an entirely different story. Our aerial photography and video services capture the island and all its glory from a new elevated perspective, resulting in some of the most stunning shots of the island ever seen.


Wings Global Media is the first company in the Caribbean to operate drones. With over 6 years of experience in what is still a very young technology, we have the skills and impressive range of aerial gear to deliver high-quality results. Aruba’s strong trade winds? No problem. We have the know-how and different equipment set-ups to face this challenge head-on. We also have a Down Link Live Feed System so that clients can see the live camera framing.

  • Aerial Photography

    Raw photos for greater editing flexibility

  • Aerial Videography

    Different settings from 4K Resolution to Slow Motion in Full HD

  • Inspection flights

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